The wholesale for eyelash and eyebrows from the Netherlands

As an eyelash extensions wholesale we provide professional products for you as eyelash- and eyebrow stylist. From eyelash extensions and Lash Volume Lift products till instruments, care products and first-class studio equipment. Sold separately or as a package for an additional price. You will also find eyebrow for techniques such as Henna, PMU and Microblading in our range. Do you order yours before for 16.00 hours on a business day? Then the products will be shipped the same day.

High quality eyelash extensions for an affordable price

Perfect Eyelash offers different types of eyelash extensions. Silk extensions with a silk layer, Mink extensions, Ultra Soft extensions and Volume Extensions. Color lashes or extensions with brown tints; the product range is continuously expanding. We strive for affordable eyelash extensions of the best quality. So that you can start working professionally. That is why the eyelash extensions of Perfect Eyelash from our wholesaler are made of high quality Korean PBT fibers. For a natural lash lift, we offer the Lash Volume Lift products. This is suitable in addition to the current treatment range of your salon.

Eyebrow products

Perfect Eyelash has the best products for different eyebrow techniques for you as an eyebrow stylist. Hereby you can think of products for tinting, waxing, Henna Brow, Microblading and Ombre Powder Brows.

Instruments, eyelash glue and removers

For the setting and cleaning of eyelash extensions you will find in our eyelash extensions wholesale:

  • Tweezers
  • Eyepads
  • Eyelash brushes
  • Various adhesives
  • Various removers

Oil-free care products and make-up for eyelash and eyebrow

Oil-containing care products are not suitable for eyelash extensions. In our wholesale for eyelash extensions you will find our own line of care products, especially for eyelash extensions and eyebrows. For example: first-class mascara, eyeliner and oil-free removers. 

Compact benefit packages for the starting and experienced stylist

Are you starting as an eyelash stylist? Then take a look at our benefit packages. They are affordable and compact, available for the One by One and Russian Volume technique. These packages contain products that are indispensable for you as a professional. Also, very inexpensive and suitable for experienced eyelash and eyebrow stylists. 

Perfect Eyelash Academy

In addition to a wholesale lash extensions business, Perfect Eyelash is a provider of high quality training courses. Both for eyelash and eyebrow styling. Think of eyelash extensions, Lash Volume Lift, Brow henna, Microblading and Ombre Powder Brows training courses. Become the best eyelash and eyebrow stylist as well? Then take a look at our training courses.