Flexible Practice Eyes  (Various Colors)

Flexible Practice Eyes (Various Colors)

Cups for Eyelash Ring

Cups for Eyelash Ring

Glue Shaker

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Do you know that it’s very important to shake the lash extensions glue well before use? Perfect Eyelash has developed the Glue Shaker especially for this purpose. It takes only 15 seconds to get the glue ready for use, while you have to shake it by hand for at least 60 seconds. This ensures that the ingredients of the glue are better bonded, so that you can offer better retention and a longer shelf life of the glue.

You can set the Glue Shaker to three different speeds. 

This luxurious Glue Shaker comes with:

- Five different attachments

- Charging cable for USB connection

More Information
Perfect Eyelash Super Bond gluePerfect Eyelash Premium Bond gluePerfect Eyelash Safety Bond gluePerfect Eyelash Clear Bond gluePerfect Eyelash Diamond Bond glue
Drying Time1-2 sec4-6 sec15 sec2-3 sec0.5 sec
Humidity45% - 55%45% - 55%45% - 55%45% - 55%55% - 65%
Retention5-6 weeks3-4 weeks3 weeks5-6 weeks5-6 weeks
FumeMediumLow - MediumLowMediumMedium - Strong