Henna - Jar (Various Colors)

Henna - Jar (Various Colors)

Henna - Capsules (Various Colors)

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Product Name Qty
Henna - Ash Blonde Capsules
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Henna - Blonde Capsules
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Henna - Burgundy Capsules
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Henna - Dark Brown Capsules
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Henna - Intense Black Capsules
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Henna - Light Brown Capsules
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Henna - Medium Brown Capsules
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Henna - Ash Brown Capsules
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Would your client like to have fuller and perfect shaped eyebrows? Then is the Brow henna ideal, de color lasts up till 6 - 8 weeks in the hairs and 5 - 10 days on the skin. The Perfect Eyelash Brow Henna is made from high quality and more natural ingredients, therefore it is safe to use and you have a lower risk for allergies. A Brow Henna – Capsules contains 20 capsules. Due to are wide arrangement of colors and the posibility to mix these, you can create the perfect color for your client. See our schedule of our 6 Brow Henna colors: 

-      Black; perfect for clients with black eyebrowns and/or black hair. 

-      Dark Brown; perfect for clients with dark eyebrows and/or dark hair.

-      Medium Brown; perfect for cleints with darker colored eyebrows and/or darker colored hair.

-      Light brown; perfect for clients with light eyebrows and/or light hair.

-      Blond: perfect for clients with blond eyebrows and/or blond hair.

- Ash Blonde: perfect for clientes with cool/assy blonde eyebrows and/or assy blonde hair.

- Ash Brown: perfect for clients with cool/assy brown eyebrows and/or assy brown hair.

-      Burgundy (mix color); perfect for red headed customers or to make other colors warmer. It is a very warm color with a red tone. 

Watch here our IGTV to find all answers about Brow Henna.

See here a demonstration of the Brow Henna treatment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfB2OxC4uoU

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