Lash Filter Mask Pink

Lash Filter Mask Pink

Transparant Plastic Face Mask

Transparant Plastic Face Mask

Filter Mask Black

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Perfect Eyelash Lash Filter Mask

At Perfect Eyelash we find hygienic and healthy working important! Don't you? Inhaling clean air is a prerequisite. As a lash artist you work with cyanoacrylate that is incorporated into the adhesives. Therefore use our Perfect Eyelash Lash Filter Mask. (PM25)

This Lash Filter Mask has a filter and breathing valve. It is an active carbon mask that filters the air for volatile organic compounds. This means that special filters absorb the glue vapours. Qualitative much better than the disposable masks and comfortable to wear.

Pleasant breathing

The Perfect Eyelash Face Masks have a valve (a breathing hole), so you can breathe in a pleasant way while working. The filters are interchangeable and the masks are made of wonderfully soft fabric, so that it feels pleasant on the skin. They are also available in trendy colours: taupe, black and pink/ salmon. Perfect for every taste!

Carbon filters

Perfect Eyelash supplies the masks with two N99 nanofiber carbon filters. One filter can capture 50 hours of glue fumes. The filters also help against particles in air pollution, dust, pollen and fungi. That means 50 hours of safe eyelash or eyebrow extensions. The filters are also available separately.

Comfortable and hygienic

At Perfect Eyelash we work continuously to improve the quality. For our products, for our clients and for our lash artists. Because it is known that organic substances can have a negative health effect on some people, such as sneezing or colds, we have developed these Lash Filter Masks. We recommend the use of these masks. Because of the design and material it is comfortable to wear and hygienic for your clients. Perfect Eyelash likes to create outer and inner beauty!

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