Flexible Practice Head (Various Colors)

Flexible Practice Head (Various Colors)

Flexible Practice Eyes (Various Colors)

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The flexible practice head is ideal for continuing to develop and train yourself on the eyelash extensions skills. 
The flexible practice head comes with one set of replaceable eyelids. The advantage of these flexible eyelids is that the eyelash strips are already incorporated into the eyelids. This allows you to see the hairlines clearly and to practise placing the eyelash extensions at the root and preventing stickiness. The hairs of the eyelash strips are also similar to real eyelashes, which makes the attachment of the eyelash extensions better.
The flexible practice eyes are available in three different shades. 
How to use? Place the replaceable eyelids on the flexible practice head and you can practice endlessly.
Pack contains 3 sets of Flexible practice eyes
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