Color Lash Extensions

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Perfect Eyelash colored eyelash extensions: from rainbow colors till two-tone for a daring or party look 

The colored eyelash extensions from Perfect Eyelash for a party or a more daring look. The equal colors form the colored eyelash extensions are orange, green, blue, pink, fuchsia, purple and red.

Besides that there are also two-tone eyelash extensions, also called ombre, these have a gradient from black to the color at the ends.

The two-tone colors are available in the colors blue, brown, green, red and violet. The colored eyelash extensions are available in mini trays with length 8 – 13 mm, in thickness 0,07 and 0,15 mm and in the C and D curl.

The length is written at the end of each line, this is very handy when you are working with a Lash Palette.