Silk Lash Extensions

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Perfect Eyelash Silk eyelash extensions: very soft and deep black

The Silk eyelash extensions contain a silk cover. That is why they shine more than the Mink eyelash extensions and they have a beautiful deep black colour. The Silk eyelash extensions are a bit stiffer than the Mink eyelash extensions. In the tray you will find 16 rows with eyelash extensions. The length is written at the end of each row. This is very handy when you are working with a Lash Palette. The Perfect Eyelash Silk eyelash extensions are available in a B, C, CC, D, J, L and L+ curl and in the thickness 0,10 / 0,15 / 0,18 and 0,20 mm.

Silk eyelash extensions for the One by One technique from Perfect Eyelash