Special Lash Extensions

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Perfect Eyelash special eyelash extensions: from Swarovski till glitter for a special glamorous look 

The special eyelash extensions from Perfect Eyelash will give you an unforgettable glance. The Swarovski eyelash extensions contain one real Swarovski stone on every single eyelash extensions and the Glitter eyelash extensions are available in Silver-Gold and Silver-Bronze. The special eyelash extensions are available in thickness 0,15 mm and in the C and D curl. The Swarovski eyelash extensions are in a tray with 6 lines, form length 7 – 12 mm. The tray of Glitter eyelash extensions contains 12 lines, which are 6 lines for each color in length 12 mm. The length is written at the end of each line, very handy when you work with a Lash Palette.